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Proposed Location:

Wellingborough, Stanton Cross development.


Design the most fantastical water sculpture at least 10m high to be seen from a distance as a landmark approach piece. A further budget of £500,000 was made available to design a further four sculptures to be sited throughout the development over seven years.

Product 1 - Stanton Tower:

Stanton Tower is a Stainless Steel sculpture that is a significant landmark soaring ten metres into the sky. It is an entrance way design to a new lifestyle and beginning. The Sculpture is vibrant with the ability to refresh its palette as it constantly changes its appearance courtesy of its sequenced water supply.

Water cascades from the edges of each disc on a gradually changing sequence that starts with all the discs producing fine droplets of water followed by alternating discs and concluding with a small but rapid single jet firing out of the tip. After this, the discs start up from the bottom and work upwards until they are all firing once again.

The sculpture is surrounded by blue light while the very tip flashes in a constant rhythm like a guiding light in the night. Stanton Tower has the appearance of a futuristic architectural building block. It is easy to imagine a future landscape with flying shuttles surrounding this elegant yet dynamic Tower.

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