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Elements is the company's launch design range comprising of six unique stainless steel designs, each available in three sizes and now also in copper.

Product Information:


Each sculpture is made in marine grade 316 stainless steel or copper. 316 is the premium grade of stainless and is able to withstand all weather conditions. All sculptures are sold with a two-year guarantee although it is anticipated they will endure the most extreme weather conditions throughout their lifetime.

Size Options

All designs in the Elements range are available in 50cm*, 1 metre and 2 metre heights and include a back-filled metal base plate (with the exception of Tower of Growth which is available in 1 and 2 metre sizes only).


The sculptures are intended for both interior and exterior environments. The smaller designs can be displayed on plinths. The larger designs can be secured into the ground.


All sculptures are hand made to order in the UK.
Due to the sculptures being individually crafted there will be subtle differences between each finished piece. The surface texture on each sculpture is considered to enhance its appearance.


Stainless steel can be cleaned very easily and surprisingly quickly by applying the right cleaning product.

Brushed steel: Apply baby oil liberally all over with a soft clean cloth. Follow this by removing excess oil with a new soft clean cloth.

Mirrored steel: Apply white wine vinegar in small areas with a very soft clean cloth. Follow immediately behind with a new soft clean cloth to remove excess and polish.

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